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With the cost of healthcare increasing yearly, the employee benefit decisions you are making today are more important than ever. Not only will they affect every person in your current organization but they will also impact your company's ability to attract and retain the kind of people you count on for future growth.

What We Do For You

Star Wellness®, formerly Lone Star Screening, believes that now is the time to consider a powerful new corporate strategy to control escalating healthcare costs. It's called cost avoidance and it's designed to create a thoughtfully planned partnership between you and your employees to keep costs down and benefit programs alive and strong.

It starts by offering convenient, affordable on-site screening to arm employees with a comprehensive confidential profile of their personal health. The screenings are fast, affordable and confidential as we strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations. Our professional and experienced staff makes it easy for you by offering a full range of on-site services such as:

We offer a variety of payment options including FLEX plans and insurance billing.

Why You Need Us

Organizations may elect to receive a Star Wellness® Group Health Assessment Summary. This unique and detailed summary provides an organizational "snap-shot" of all testing results. This information can help identify health trends within your workforce and allows you to create a targeted wellness program that can reduce both your administrative and healthcare costs by addressing the specific needs of your employees.

Each participant also receives a confidential Individual Health Assessment Profile to share with their personal physician. The detailed results offer participants greater awareness of their personal health matters and gives them information they need to help identify and prevent diseases and illnesses through early detection and education.

Why Choose Star Wellness®?

Star Wellness® has a proven track record of integrity, reliability and exceeding expectations. Clients choose our services with confidence as they seek to make individual wellness a priority within their organization. Our customized and convenient on-site health assessments help control escalating health care costs through awareness and prevention.

Star Wellness® is a certified Women's Business Enterprise and strictly enforces HIPAA, OSHA and CLIA regulations for health screening including the often-ignored 1992 Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act. All of our screeners undergo initial and recurring training to assure the highest standards of technical and professional excellence.

The Next Step Is Simple

Contact Star Wellness® today to learn how we can contribute to the development of your wellness initiative. We will help walk you through the simple process of planning your on-site event. Call us Monday - Friday at 817-571-6425 or 1-800-685-5572 or email us.

We're confident that together we will be able to create an attractive program that will be well received by your employees and help you take control of your healthcare costs.

We look forward to working with you.